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keywords: queer horror, art research, the overwhelming sensations of the above, cybernetics, divination, disaster, Ecriture Femenine, non-binary transgender science fiction, Resident Evil fanfic, Felix Guattari rolling around with animals and laughing, a profound longing for death and/or drugs, game art, ahuman gender betrayal, class war.

Upcoming things

Things you can buy or visit right now as of when i write this in late April 2019

Its hard to tell what this is, im pretty hungry right now. this is an archive of things i do

The loose categories and their respective pages it's hard to know whether to organise around events and just show exhibition/performance/publishing documentation, or to organise around things and just list stuff in order of prodction. I've gone with the latter this time because (A) I make stuff for imediate output on the internet and will only hold off doing that if there is an AFK place for it within about 7 days and (B) the number of shows I do in a year is very variable and (C) that filtered bouji professionalism makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

Current general use bio for Spring 2019 =

"Uma Breakdown is an artist and writer with research interests in the economies of horror and play. They are presently a PhD candidate at Northumbria University in the north of England and under the name Ralph Dorey have recently delivered academic papers on topics including role playing games, queer feminist post structuralism, and The X- Files.

Recent exhibitions include: Online commission "The Inhuman Ecstasy of Toxic Waste” for (2018), video presentation "Its origins are indeterminate" at The Whitechapel Gallery, London (2018), exhibitions “POLYMORPH OTHER” at IMT, London (2018), “Creature of Havok” at Serf, Leeds (2017), and “Janusware” at Res. Gallery, London (2017). Recent publications included in “Lossy Ecology”, edited by Louisa Martin and published by Flat Time House 2017, "The Body That Remains", edited by Emmy Beber and published by Punctum in 2018, and "Alembic, edited by Sarah Jury, Helen Kaplinsky & Lucy A. Sames."

you can contact me on largegroupofdogs {[AATT]} Gmail [{dottt}]com

an image of a head

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